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We are a Michigan based company that specializes in skin integrity and falls prevention products that maintain the independence and integrity of our senior citizens allowing them to enjoy a greater quality of life. Our network of international suppliers provide us with the highest quality products that you demand. Through reducing the risk of injury from falls and protecting and treating sensitive skin from pressure uclers and skin tears, our products provide practical solutions to every day challenges faced by our neonatal thru geriatric population.

We are an independent medical representative in Michigan for scalpel safety products protecting your operating room staff from sharps injuries while complying with OSHA regulations.

Whether you represent a hospital, long term care facility, another health institution, home care company, hospice or palliative care company, or are an individual consumer concerned with skin tear prevention and other geriatric health issues, we can help. Contact us at sales@oakmedproducts.com or call at (248) 762-0900.



In Michigan we represent Qlicksmart®, an Australian company, dedicated to reducing sharps injuries in the Operating Room. Scalpel injuries continue to be on the rise. To meet that concern, OSHA mandated safety scalpel use and or single handed blade removals to avoid continuing cuts and meet the Bloodborne Pathogen Directives.

We also represent SnapIT™. SnapIT™ is a device which offers a simply safer way to open glass ampoules eliminating the risk of nasty cuts from traditional opening techniques.

Our goal is to get the Qlicksmart® range of scalpel blade removers into your hands, rather than contaminated scalpel blade cuts. Another goal is to have available a much safer way to open glass ampoules. Your safety demands it!

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Skin Integrity Products

Skin Protecta®

As people age, their skin changes and becomes less resilient and prone to damage from knocks and bumps sustained in everyday living, with special risk factors for those that are independently ambulant or reliant on the use of equipment.

Skin Integrity ProductBased on the policy that prevention is better than cure, OakMed recommends Skin Protecta®, a moisture transporting anti-friction tube with a wrinkle-free fit for arms and legs. This product has exceptional moisture transport properties and will help maintain skin integrity in the elderly and those suffering compromising skin conditions.

Dermis Plus®

Dermis Plus® PadBased on the policy that prevention is better than cure, OakMed Products has introduced the OakMed Dermis Plus®Gel Pad and Dermis Plus® Gel Strip to assist with pressure offloading, in difficult to reach and treat areas.

Dermis Plus® Pads and Strips contains a cross-linked, three-dimensional polymer gel impregnated with a medical grade mineral oil that softens, moisturizes and lubricates the skin greatly reduces shear and friction to the skin. Learn more about our Dermis Plus® products....

Dermis Plus® Strips

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Hip Prevention

Hip ProtectionHip Protecta

A hip fracture is one of the most catastrophic, life-changing and life threatening health hazards facing the elderly. Preventing hip fracture is vital to reducing the surging costs of our healthcare industry.

Based on the concept that most hip fractures are caused by a fall and the most effective way of preventing such fractures would be to absorb the impact of such a fall, OakMed provides an innovative solution in the low-profile Hip Protecta with optimal shock absorption capabilities of 60%. Learn more about our falls prevention products....

Patient Handling Aids


TergoGlide is an ergonomic transfer device developed in Finland by Carital Ltd.

TergoGlide has been specifically designed to aid in transfers and repositioning of dependent or immobile patient under 441Lbs.

The device is also an integral absorbent incontinence pad making it an economical three-in-one device.

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